Above Ground Pools: Multilayered Pool Safety

The latest trend in pool safety for above ground pools is what has come to be known as a multilayered system. In simple terms this is a system that relies on more than one barrier to protect owners from an unwanted intruder.

A system that relies on both an older proven mechanism and newer technologies arranged in such a manner that the closer a child gets to the pool the more difficult it gets for them. So the first one begins with a fence.

The First Pool Safety Layer

Not just any fence though, but good solid fence that’s tall, so it’s difficult for a child to climb over it. Now a chain-link fence is durable and has a long service life but it’s one of the easiest fences for a child to climb. So an 8 foot wooden slat fence is what works best.

A gate with a spring-loaded automatic closing mechanism also ensures that it won’t be left open. It turns out that an open gate, or a gate that’s easy to open is one of the more common ways that unsupervised children enter pool areas. Also make sure to place a latch high up on the post, so it’s out of reach of small hands.

Layer #2 Comes Next

The next layer of pool safety for above ground pools is a wireless warning system that uses a series of thermal heat and motion sensors to sound the alarm if a child makes it past the fence. If it sounds extravagant, it’s not because these type of systems are now surprisingly affordable.

At the same time prices have dropped, high-tech features contained in them have also gone up. So now these types of systems that install right out of the box can even call you on your cell phone to notify if you have an intruder.

A Fold Up Ladder is #3

So that’s level I and level II in your multilayered pool security system, but there’s still two more levels yet to make it a total of four. The third level is a fold up pool ladder that simply flips up to cut off access to the water. When it’s time to use the pool, simply flip it down and it functions just like any other normal ladder.

The Last Layer

Then level four is for if a child should make it past the fence, passed the heat and motion sensors and somehow make it the side of your pool. This last layer is a battery-powered water motion sensor that floats in the pool and notifies you automatically if a child should enter the water.


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